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St. Pius School’s Cultural Day

“Give me a high-five for no learning!” said a 4th grader to me as I walked the halls of St. Pius.  To me, that was one of the cool parts of today.  The fact that  the students were learning without even realizing it.  They learned steps to Bachata and Tango, they learned how to play instruments, they learned math, rhythm, and much more.  They did so by asking questions, by doing things, and by having fun with the Cultural Ambassadors.  Yes, even the older students had fun.

The students even did yoga positions.  During the “Yoga- India’s Gift to the World” workshop there was a girl who sat in front of me.  She was kind-of participating in the workshop.  This was an older crowd of students.  It was during the mid part of the workshop that the Cultural Ambassador asked everyone to get into a, what is called, the corpse position.  She did as the Cultural Ambassador had said, but with a minor alteration.  She lifted her head to scope out the crowd.  She wanted to see if anyone else was participating as the Cultural Ambassador had asked.  When she looked up, what she saw was all 26 of her friends laying down, with their eyes closed, relaxing.  The Cultural Ambassador at that time said, “The first sign that you are relaxing is your eyes close.”  The girl looked for a few seconds, laid her head down, straightened her legs and closed her eyes.  From then on, she fully participated.

In the “West African Drumming” workshop the students learned about the Healing Drum.  “How could a drum heal?” you might be thinking.  Well, this particular drum is so powerful that it physiologically affects your heart rhythm.  As the Cultural Ambassador was explaining this, he began to beat the drum faster, and faster, and faster and the students began to clap faster, and faster, and faster until they were all in unison.  The students were so impressed with the drum’s ability to make them move even when they did not think that they wanted to move.  It was an experience-filed day at St. Pius and we thank the school for inviting us.

Today’s Cultural Day had the following workshops:

“Life and Art of Mexico” ¦ “West African Drumming” ¦ “Exploring the Land Down Under” ¦ “Immigration Stories” ¦ “Dances of Latin America” ¦ “Arabic Calligraphy and Language” ¦ “Ancient Art of Mehndi (Henna)” ¦ “Chinese Waist Drum Dance” ¦ “Rural Schools in India” ¦ “Indian Classical Dance- Bharatanatym” ¦ “Musical Tour of Mexico” ¦ “Indian Celebrations” ¦ “Yoga- India’s Gift to the World” ¦ “Welcome to Russia”

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