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Directions to KFMG

Sherry and I went to the KFMG radio station on December 28th to meet John Busbee and catch him up on what the organization has been up to.  It was great to listen to John because he had some great stories; he has now been involved with the DSM culture scene for years.  You know, it was only my second radio appearance and I have to say that John is very easy to talk to.

So during our conversation with John I realized something.  I realized that I find it very awkward to correct people on how to pronounce my name.  So as I drove home I thought about this some more.  I figured that by me correcting people I am showing respect.  What I mean is this, I am not assuming that the people will not be able to learn how to say my name correctly so because of that I’m respectful…right?  But even so, I still feel a little awkward doing it even after spending 14 years here and having done it all this time.

How do you correct the person(s)? How does it feel?

I’ll share the dialogue between John and us once it is available.

Have a wonderful New Years and thank you for checking us out!

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