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CultureALL's Living Cultures Korea - Christina Kim

CultureALL is an Iowa-based non-profit that involves Iowans of all ages in learning about world cultures.  Our core belief is that when you learn about other cultures, you gain valuable insight that helps you to better understand, appreciate, and connect with other people. No matter how different we may seems to be, we are all members of one human community.

CultureALL serves schools, workplaces, and communities, helping to prepare Iowans for success in an ever-changing, uncertain global society.

Our Mission

CultureAll’s Mission is to lead communities to value our culturally rich diversity.  We do this by creating authentic experiences that engage Iowans in cultural discovery within schools, around the community, and in collaboration with businesses.

Our Vision

CultureAll’s Vision is that every community in Iowa has access to CultureALL experiences, enabling them to be culturally prepared for a world-wise life.

Our Values

At CultureALL:

  • We value celebrating who we are, while honoring others as well.
  • We value authentic interpretation.
  • We value compassionate action.
  • We value learning from experiences.

Our History

Iowa has rich cultural diversity, and Iowans are legendary for their acceptance of other cultures. Yet most Iowans have not faced the kind of diversity now growing throughout our state. These changing demographics, combined with the increasingly interconnected global economy, led our founder Sherry Gupta to recognize the need for multicultural education in Iowa schools. She founded World of Difference in 2005 to provide students with what textbooks and research projects cannot: real-life interactions with people from other cultures.

Over the next few years, Sherry worked with a board of directors to build a network of CultureALL Ambassadors, educators and funders. The organization changed its name to CultureALL™ in 2010 and continued to expand programs and services for schools, businesses, and community organizations.

Culture influences nearly every thought and action. When cultural perceptions collide, the conflict can drain communities of resources and distract us from resolving our common issues. CultureALL strengthens our community, inspiring the possibility that every person offers a unique and positive contribution to the broader community.

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