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Did you get your Zakery’s Bridge?


“We hope the book will create awareness and understanding about Iowans of different cultures, and that children, families, librarians and teachers can use the book as a resource for learning about immigrants from all parts of the globe.  If reading our book makes someone interested in saying hello to the new classmate, neighbor or co-worker, reaching out to newcomers, then we have succeeded.”                          ~Carol Spaulding co-author

Kay Smith and Carol Spaulding are the local authors who came together to write this visually stimulating and thought-provoking book.  The book shares with the reader stories of kids who live right here in our communities.  Click here to read what Drake wrote about the book.

Who should read the book?

We all can take away something from the book.  “It is primarily for middle-school readers and is ideal for social studies in 4-8th grade classrooms.”  But, as Carol shares, the book is for all ages because “Kay and I have learned a great deal from writing it!  For example, how many people know that ‘Bar Mitzvah’ is not a ceremony for a Jewish boy who turns thirteen?  It is actually what you call the boy himself, because the term  means ‘Son of the Commandments.’  That’s what we learned from Frankel, from our book.”  She goes on to say that this books serves as an introduction and both co-authors hope that this books makes the “readers curious to learn more.”

Where can the book be purchased?

On the web: www.zakerysbridge.com

Local vendors:

  • Beaverdale Books
  • The Book Store on Locust
  • Zumi Collectibles
  • Fair World Gallery
  • The gift shop at the Iowa State Historical Museum

What is the cost and how is CULTUREALL involved?

  • The cost of the book is $20.
  • CULTUREALL™ is one of the organizations that will benefit from the sale of this book.  We are thankful to have this opportunity and are thrilled to have the book as a resource.

A few quotes from the kids in the book:

Meet Dao from Southern Sudan

When you’re just a little kid you think that the place where you were born is the place where your memories will always be. “

Meet Zakery from Bosnia-Herzogovinia

“Walking across the bridge for the first time was even better than I had imagined.

Meet Cara & Jasmine from Taiwan

“Some days it’s still hard, but when you have close friends, it makes a big difference.  Now it feels like home is here.”

Meet Jenny from the Netherlands

“The day I started school here I didn’t know any English at all.   Now I can help my mom with her English.”

Meet Rashad from Palestine

“The first time I invited my friend Carter for a sleepover, his parents rushed over to the house.  They didn’t know anything about Muslims and looked nervous standing out there on the front porch.

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