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We Did It! – GivingTuesday Gratitude – 2017

Thank you to everyone who supported us this year on #GivingTuesday!  We’d like to extend our GivingTuesday Gratitude to everyone who donated, along with the CultureALL Ambassadors, board members, and friends who helped us with photos and recorded messages, and to everyone who liked and shared our #GivingTuesday messages on social media throughout the day.#GivingTuesday Gratititude - CultureALL Ambassador Ilima YoungThanks to this support – and to the contribution from our Community Partner EMC Insurance Foundation (whose gift helped kick off the campaign, we were able to exceed our #GivingTuesday goal and raised a total of $6,255 in online contributions on Facebook and our #CultureALLConnects giving page at Network for Good.

We are now more than halfway to our goal.  Can you help us reach it by midnight on December 31?

Our Campaign

The #CultureALLConnects campaign is all about showing you how your contributions are helping CultureALL bring people together to create connections. A huge part of our work involves K-12 students.  Research tells us that when kids see that their culture is valued at school, they feel better about school. They are more engaged, more capable of communicating and forming relationships with kids from other cultures, and and more likely to remain in school. That helps keep them on the path to high school graduation and greater success as members of a global community.

The Girl in the Pink Parka

Lia - #GivingTuesday Graititude - CultureALL ConnectsHer name was Lia, but to the kids at school, she was “The Girl in the Pink Parka.” She rarely spoke to anyone. She wore her puffy pink coat like a suit of armor. She never wanted to take it off.

For Lia, who comes from an immigrant family, going to a new school in Iowa was a difficult transition. When our Program Director Stacey Kimberlin first spoke to her, Lia told her she didn’t have any friends.

At her teacher’s suggestion, Lia signed up for a CultureALL after-school program at her school. It changed her life.

Read the rest of Lia’s story – and make your tax-deductible contribution to our #CultureALLConnects year-end campaign – on our secure donation page at Network for Good:

You can also view a video version of the story on our Facebook page – and make your donation directly from Facebook.

Other Ways to Donate

To learn more about other ways to make a contribution – like using PayPal or sending us a check – click here to visit our Donate page.  You can also make a reservation for the Multi-Cultural Dinner on December 7, and make your contribution when you reserve your ticket or at the event.

No matter how – or how much – you choose to donate, it all helps towards our year end=goal!

What’s the Impact of Your Donation?

If you’re wondering about the impact of what you give, here’s how it breaks out:

  • $10 supports a sixty-minute CultureALL experience for one student
  • $25 supports a Multi-Cultural Day for one student to explore 3-4 cultures with different CultureALL Ambassadors
  • $50 supports a 5-day extended learning program (such as an after-school or summer school experience) for one student
  • $100 supports fees and materials one student in a 7-week Zoom in On Culture photo-ethnography program
  • $250 provides one 60-minute workshop experience for a class of 25-30 students
  • $500 provides a cultural program for residents in an active senior living community
  • $1,000 provides for a workshop serving an entire grade level (75-150 students)
  • $2,500 sponsors a Zoom In On Culture program for one class of 30 students)
  • $5,000 sponsors a Multi-Cultural Day for one school featuring 12-16 Ambassadors for 500-700 students with each student engaging in 3-4 different cultural experiences)

CultureALL charges a fee for its programs, but the fees we receive from schools and community organizations don’t come close in covering our costs, and our goal is always to keep our fees affordable – especially for schools and senior communities serving low-income residents.  Your gift – along with grants and sponsorship contributions from our community partners – makes it possible for more students and community members to have access to our programs.

#GIvingTuesday Gratitude - Thank YOu for Supporting CultureALL


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