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Be A CultureALL Ambassador

Be A CultureALL Ambassador

A CultureALL Ambassador is an Iowa resident who who was born in another country – or has lived and worked extensively in another culture – and is prepared to share that culture with others in the community.  (To learn more about our current Ambassadors, click here.)

When CultureALL Ambassadors share their cultural experiences with Iowa students, magical things begin to happen. We have seen:

  • Students being excited about another country after holding local currency and dressing in native clothing.
  • Students afraid to taste a new food like mboga or hummus, then delighting in the flavors and coming back for more.
  • Students gaining new respect for a classmate from another culture after learning about his cultural traditions and hearing him speak the language of his culture with a CultureALLl Ambassador.
  • Teachers intrigued and energized by new information about the subjects they teach.

Would you like to join our CultureALL Ambassador Community? Here’s How:

Meet With Us

We use this opportunity to hear your stories and interests. Together, we will explore your life experiences and interests and identity what you want Iowans to know about your culture. We also will begin envisioning what your workshop(s) might look like.

Observe A Workshop

CultureALL programs are happening around the community all the time. You will have an opportunity to join us at a school or community venue to observe other Ambassadors’ workshops and ask them questions.

Develop Your Workshop

CultureALL will work with you to create a workshop – maybe even more than one – based on your interests, passions and talents – that engage students and various age levels.  All workshops must include the following basic content:

  • Duration of 40 to 60-minutes
  • Setting the stage with sights, sounds, smells and textures of the culture
  • An activity to engage students in hands-on learning
  • Personal stories
  • Artifacts representing the culture
  • A metaphor that provides a deeper understanding of the culture.

Test Your Workshop

When you are ready, CultureALL will schedule a time for you to share your workshop with us. We will use this time to ask questions and may recommend changes to make the workshop experience more impactful for audiences.

Help Us Promote Your Workshop

We will work with you to develop a workshop description with learning objectives and identified curriculum connections. (Click here to see an example.) We will use this to promote your workshop to your target audience.

Time Commitment

Once your workshop is approved, the number of hours you work is completely in your control. Typically, a client contacts CultureALL to request an Ambassador, providing options for dates and times. Then, CultureALL contacts the Ambassador to select the date that works best. If the Ambassador has other commitments or obligations, he/she is free to decline the offer.


We value your life experiences and knowledge. And we appreciate the time you put into creating workshops that engage Iowans in learning about culture. That’s why CultureALL makes arrangements for you to be paid for the workshops you present. Typically, CultureALL Ambassadors are paid $100 for the first hour and $30 for each additional hour.

Ready to Become An Ambassador?

To start the process, call us at 515-273-8569 or click here to send an e-mail.

If you want more information, click here for answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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