Welcome to Russia

Learn about the history, geography, language and culture of Russia as you sample traditional tea and treats.

Workshop Description

Russian Language Lesson
Alexander Yarushkin helps a student write his name in Russian

This introduction to the culture of Russia may be presented by Ambassador Dmitry Yarushkin or his father Alexander Yarushkin.  Both are university professors (though Alexander is now retired) who love to share the Russian language and cultural traditions with students of all ages.

In this workshop, students will learn and practice some of the most common Russian words and phrases while learning about Russian geography, history and traditions.  They will also enjoy a tea ceremony using a samovar (special kettle used to prepare tea), and sample some typical Russian desserts.  Time permitting, students may also learn to write their names using the Russian alphabet.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Alexander or Dmitry Yarushkin
Region/Culture Russia
Subject(s) Social Studies, Geography, Language
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min
Supplies/Equipment Needed: Projector, Whiteboard