Tinikling – Dance of the Philippines

Participants will learn the history and basic steps of Tinikling – a traditional dance of the Philippines.

Workshop Description

Tinikling is a well-known traditional folk dance.  It is the National Dance of the Philippines, usually performed with bamboo poles.  In this workshop, students will learn about the development of the dance in Filipino culture as they learn some basic steps.

CultureALL currently has two Ambassadors from the Philippines who teach Tinikling – Julie Hayes and Yolanda Duerson – and their workshops are slightly different.

Julie’s workshop includes a musical warm-up and singing as well as dance.  Students will depict birds as they navigate moving poles.   For beginners and younger students, foam pool noodles can be used instead of wooden poles

Yolanda’s workshop includes more of the history of Tinikling.  The dance has not always been a form of art,  but rather tells a story of the Filipino slaves living under the Spanish rule.  In this workshop, students will learn how prisoners learned to move their feet fast to escape the trap of the banging bamboo poles.

This workshop is adaptable for participants from grade 2 to adults.    it requires a gym or other large, open area suitable for dancing. Floor must be clean, to allow students to dance barefoot.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Yolanda Duerson or Julie Hayes
Region/Culture Southeast Asia - The Philippines
Subject(s) Dance, Social Studies, Music
Participants 26 max
Standard Length 45 min
Room Set-Up Gym or large, open area suitable for dancing. Floor must be clean, as students will be dancing barefoot.