Rosh Hashanah – The Jewish New Year

Learn about the customs and traditions surrounding Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year’s celebration with CultureALL Ambassador Beverly Nagel Ellis.


Workshop Description

Jews believe that God judges people for what they have done in the past year. In the 10 days that follow Rosh Hashanah, people do good deeds to make up for their wrongs. The 10 days end with Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement.

Some Rosh Hashanah traditions are similar to the American New Year’s celebration – thinking of the past year. and making resolutions. A ram’s horn is blown to announce the Jewish New Year, just as party horns are blown to welcome the New Year in America.

This workshop encourages students to think about some good deeds they could do in the New Year.  Students can also make a card to give to family members to let them know a good deed they would like to do for them.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Beverly Nagel Ellis
Region/Culture Global - Jewish
Subject(s) Social Studies, Holidays
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min