New Clothes for a Celebration in Togo

Learn about the holidays and traditions of a celebration in Togo with CultureALL Ambassador “Kodjo” Janus Dcjavu.

Workshop Description

In Togo, for every Christmas, New Year, or any traditional celebration, parents take their children to the tailor to get measured for new clothes.  These new clothes, made from the traditional cloth, represent the gift from parents to their children.

In this workshop CultureALL Ambassador “Kodjo” Janus Dcjavu will share personal stories about growing up in Togo, and the Christmas and New Year celebrations. He brings measurement tools that tailors used to measure kids in Togo.  He will measure students and have them experience Togo during holidays.  There may be some African clothes for the students to wear. After the measurement activity, he will lead them in dance and proceed with stories about celebrations.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Janus Dcjavu
Region/Culture Africa-West Africa-Togo
Subject(s) Social Studies, Holidays, Storytelling
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min