Musical Journey through Latin America

CultureALL Ambassadors Karin Stein and Ed East help students explore Latin America through its geography, cultures, and folk music.

Workshop Description

Karin Stein of Colombia and Ed East of Panama are professional musicians, and members of the band Calle Sur.  Their workshop, which can be adapted to any age group, offers an overview of the geography and culture of Latin America through its music, including the demonstration of instruments and vocal styles. Many explanations are given in between the musical pieces, and student participation is encouraged.

This workshop can also be adapted as an assembly program for a larger audience.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Karin Stein and Ed East
Region/Culture Latin American
Subject(s) Social Studies, Music
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min
Room Set-Up From small classroom to large performance hall
Supplies/Equipment Needed: LCD projector bright enough for room size and light level, and screen size appropriate for venue size