Moroccan Hospitality

Learn about the culture and and hospitality of Morocco with CultureALL Ambassador Taoufik Essaidi.

Workshop Description

CultureALL Ambassador Taoufik Essaidi is from Morocco. He will set the stage for a trip to North Africa and the Mediterranean. Life there has been a part of known since the Romans and has a rich Arabian history. The students will imagine they have just entered Taoufik’s Moroccan home and will experience Moroccan Hospitality and what it means to be Moroccan. The Honoring of a Guest, how and why it is important. Taoufik will go through all the steps of the typical Moroccan hospitality “procedure” and its values.   Respect, a valued quality in the daily life of Morocco.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Taoufik Essaidi
Region/Culture Morocco-Nath Africa-Middle East
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min