Mexican Cooking

In this hands-on workshop, students learn to make tortillas – a staple food in Mexican culture. – with CultureALL Ambassador R.J. Hernandez.

Workshop Description

Learn the art of traditional Mexican cooking with CultureALL Ambassador R.J. Hernandez.

As a child, R.J. watched his mother prepare numerous Mexican dishes using just her intuition and experience to measure a pinch of this and a scoop of that. Understanding his mother wouldn’t always be around to guide his cooking lessons, R.J.began tirelessly recording the measurements, temperatures and techniques she used, and turned them into recipes. These would later contribute to the success of Raul’s Mexican Food, the chain of restaurants R.J. and his family would open, own, and operate in Des Moines.

In this workshop, participants get their hands messy learning to make their own flour tortillas, a staple food of Mexico. Participants measure and mix ingredients, knead and roll out dough, then cook tortillas on a comal. R.J. ends this workshop with a snack: participants make quesadillas with their homemade tortillas and enjoy eating them.

If a classroom with an oven is available, students can also learn to bake home-made tortilla chips.  Other dishes may also be made, if time permits.

Please Note: If R. J. is unavailable, several of our other Ambassadors from Mexico teach a variation of this workshop, although the dishes prepared may vary (corn instead of flour tortillas, etc.)  We will review their lesson plan and equipment needs when you book your workshop.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador R. J. Hernandez
Region/Culture Mexico
Subject(s) Family Consumer Science; Social Studies
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min
Room Set-Up Family & Consumer Science room - if available