A Meal in the Middle East

Experience a traditional meal in the Middle East with CultureALL Ambassador Kristie Karima Burns.

Workshop Description

Kristie Burns & Mohsina Mandil start this workshop with a few hilarious tales about food from the Middle East and then gets out rugs, pillows and dishes from the Middle East and helps students set up a traditional “meal”. Students participate in a mock meal and participate in an “original audience participation story (by Kristie)” about the meal using Middle Eastern drums and other props. Students will learn the names of basic foods and phrases used during a meal in Arabic. They are given the opportunity to dress up and may even try a couple Middle Eastern treats.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Kristie Burns & Mohsina Mandil
Region/Culture Middle East
Subject(s) Family Consumer Science; Social Studies
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min