Immigration Stories: Zakery’s Bridge

Explore immigration stories of real kids in Iowa with children’s author and CultureALL Ambassador Kay Fenton Smith.

Workshop Description

Children’s author Kay Fenton Smith will tell the immigration stories of real kids in Iowa who have moved here from other countries. Students will explore what it must be like to move to another country and have friends from different parts of the world. In the spirit of global friendship, they will perform an African dance with “lau” fabric, and play a game with “miniature dragons” known as Tot-­‐Cons, a popular activity at the Tai Dam New Year’s Festivals.


Zakery’s Bridge: Children’s Journeys from Around the World to Iowa, is a book by Kay Fenton Smith and Dr. Carol Roh Spaulding. The book features 9 real-life and personal immigration stories of children who recently moved to Iowa with their families and began the process of going to school, making friends and adjusting to the foods, games and friendships of their new home. The country cultures represented through the children’s stories are Bosnia, India, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Palestine, Mexico, Israel, Sudan, and Laos.


For older students and adult audiences, author Kay Smith offers a behind-the-scenes look at the writing process, including interviewing, researching, storytelling and celebrating the cultures living among us. Activities and hands-on craft making may be woven into the workshop, depending on the ages of participants and the amount of time allocated.

Workshop Details:

Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min