Greetings from the Islands

Learn about the culture of Hawaii, Samoa, and the Polynesian Islands with CultureALL Ambassador Tavita Taueetia – a professional Hawaiian entertainer.

Workshop Description

Aloha – or Talofa in Samoan.  Hear the sound of the conch shell, the call of the islands.  Meet Tavita Taueetia from Hawaii – a true Hawaiian/Samoan, and a professional fire dancer!

Students will learn how to say greetings in different areas of the South Pacific.  They will experience live music and drumming from the islands.  Tavita will share the history of the fire dance and show them an example.* The students will learn at least one traditional island dance, such as the hukilau from Hawaii or the haka from New Zealand. If fresh coconut is available, Tavita will show the students how to open it and take the meat out – and taste it, if they are brave enough to try.

*Tavita demonstrates a dance with his fire sticks without actually lighting them on fire, but he does bring a video of an actual fire dance.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Tavita Taueetia
Region/Culture Hawaii, Polynesian Islands
Subject(s) Social Studies, Geography, Dance, Music
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min
Room Set-Up Open space with room for students to move
Supplies/Equipment Needed: Projector