Geometric Designs on Fijian Clothing

Learn about the culture of Fiji, and about sustainable living practices used in the making of Fijian clothing,  with CultureALL Ambassador Catharine Wadsworth.

Workshop Description

This workshop introduces the custom and tradition of fabric making in Fiji. Students will learn about how the traditional fabric, “Masi” is made and how geometric patterns are applied using traditional dyes made from clay and the sap of the Mangrove Tree. “Masi” is an example of “living off the land.” This workshop emphasizes the importance of sustainable living. Students will create geometric designs similar to Fijian patterns on paper.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Cathy Wadsworth
Region/Culture Oceania - Fiji
Subject(s) Social Studies, Environmental Science, Visual Art, Geometry
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min