Game of Mahjong

Discover the culture of ancient China through the captivating game of Mahjong with CultureALL Ambassador Eddie Tsang.

Workshop Description

Learn about the origin of the mahjong game, how and when it was first introduced to the United States. They will then learn to read the tiles, the point system, and the combinations required to win the game. Four to eight students will be asked to participate in a demonstration game (while other students will gather around to watch) and be taught the basic strategies to play the game. After the demo game, students will be paired up as partners and play the game on their own under the instructor’s supervision.

CultureALL Ambassador Eddie Tsang still does workshops for CultureALL, but as he no longer lives in Iowa, his availability is limited.  We try to book him for enough engagements to keep him busy for a week or more, to make it worth his time to travel.

If you would be interested in engaging Eddie for a program, please let us know as far in advance as possible.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Eddie Tsang
Region/Culture Asia-China
Subject(s) Social Studies, Recreation, Games
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min