Exploring the “Land Down Under”

Join us on a memorable journey to Australia: the “Land Down Under” with CultureALL Ambassador Brenda McGuire.

Workshop Description

Explore  the “Land Down Under”  – CultureALL Ambassador Brenda McGuire will share her experiences of living in Australia and will make this fabulous culture come to life! Students will learn about this country’s amazing landscape, culture, habitat and history and will also explore Aboriginal culture and learn about their ‘dreamtime.’

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Brenda McGuire
Region/Culture Oceania -Australia
Subject(s) Social Studies, Geography
Participants 50 max
Standard Length 45 min
Room Set-Up Prefer classroom style with students sitting at desks or chairs/tables but can accomodate other set up arrangments if needed.
Supplies/Equipment Needed: Crayons/Markers, Display Table in Front, Globe/World Map, Computer Projector (for older grades)