Experiencing the Jewish Sabbath

Learn about Jewish culture through this workshop that shares the customs, food, songs and games of the traditional Jewish Sabbath (Shabbos) with CultureALL Ambassador Abe Goldstien.

Workshop Description

CultureALL Ambassador Abe Goldstien shares his family memories as he helps students explore the traditions of the Jewish Sabbath:

“As a child, the Sabbath (which begins on Friday nights at sundown) was a magical time for me,” says Abe.  “Family would gather. Special foods would be eaten.  And for 24 hours, until sundown on Saturday, no work and no act of creation was allowed.  That meant no TV or radio.  No riding in a car.  No use of electricity. A five mile walk to the synagogue on Friday night and back again on Saturday morning. Gathering with friends to tell stories and sing songs.”

Compressing 24 hours into 45 minutes, Abe’s workshop explores the customs, foods, songs, and games that are part of the Shabbos, and encourages students to consider the value of taking time to rest and reflect.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Abe Goldstien
Region/Culture Global - Jewish
Subject(s) Social Studies, Holidays
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min