Dutch Spring

Tiptoe through the tulips – and learn about other aspects of Dutch culture – with CultureALL Ambassador Monique van der Heijden.

Workshop Description

When you think about spring in the Netherlands, you will probably picture windmills, dikes, black and white cows, and wooden shoes. And of course, who can imagine a Dutch spring without tulips?

In this workshop, students will learn more about tulips and other bulb flowers and the role they play in spring in the Netherlands. They will also learn about traditional Dutch music and a famous Dutch song (about tulips, naturally!), why orange is such an important color for the Dutch, and about the most important Dutch holiday of the year: Kings Day.

Spring is a festive season in the Netherlands and it will be inspiring and fun for the students to compare the Dutch spring traditions with the traditions of their own cultural backgrounds.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Monique van der Heijden
Region/Culture Europe - Netherlands
Subject(s) Social Studies, Science, Holidays
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min