A Cup of Bosnian Hospitality

Learn about the culture and hospitality the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina with CultureALL Ambassador Zeljka Krvavica.

Workshop Description

Bosnian Hospitality
CultureALL Ambassador Zeljka Krvavica

“Stop by for a cup of coffee and I’ll tell you everything,” says one friend to another in Bosnia, where coffee is the centerpiece of Bosnian hospitality and culture. Zeljka Krvavica of Sarajevo invites participants to sit with her on the living room floor and join her in preparing coffee, serving guests and sharing stories.

*This presentation works best with a smaller number of participants   – the preferred size is 12-15, but Zeljka can accommodate larger groups if needed.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Zeljka Krvavica
Region/Culture Bosnia-Herzegovina
Subject(s) Social Studies, Family/Consumer Science
Participants 15* max
Standard Length 45 min
Room Set-Up Room with space to sit on the floor a sink/access to water and an electrical outlet