Cowboy Music of the Americas

Learn about Los Llanos – the plains area of Colombia and Venezuela – through its “cowboy” music and history, with CultureALL Ambassadors Karin Stein and Ed East of Calle Sur.

Workshop Description

Los Llanos (the plains) of Colombia and Venezuela are a geographically and culturally unique area of Latin America. The music from the Llanos is essentially cowboy music. It has evolved over the last 500 years from the blending of indigenous music styles of nomadic Indians, and the string instruments and rhythms brought from Spain by Jesuit priests who settled the Llanos in the 16th Century. The Spaniards also introduced horses and cattle to the area.

Students will hear the variations of music from the region, and gain an appreciation for the land, its geography and the migration patterns throughout history.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Karin Stein and Ed East
Region/Culture Latin American, Colombia, Venezuela
Subject(s) Music, Social Studies
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min