Classical Dance of India

Learn about the Classical Dance of India and its role in Indian culture with CultureALL Ambassador Falguni Shukla.

Workshop Description

Falguni Shukla is a Bharata Natyam dancer, teacher, and choreographer.  She began learning the dance at age ten, and her mentor was Mrs. Tani Desai, the foremost figure in Bharata Natyam in Gujarat.  In this workshop, Falguni will educate students about the 7 types of Indian Classical dance, known as Bharata Natyam.  She will explain the meaning of Namaskar, teach hand gestures, head gestures, and a couple basic steps.  Students will learn about the costume and ornaments of Bharata Natyam.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Falguni Shukla
Region/Culture India
Subject(s) Physical Education, Social Studies, Music, Dance
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min
Room Set-Up Open space with clean floor
Supplies/Equipment Needed: 2 display tables, white board