Chinese Language, Culture and Calligraphic Martial Arts

Learn about the Chinese language, calligraphy, and martial arts in this lively, interactive workshop with CultureALL Ambassador Eddie Tsang.

Workshop Description

In this workshop, students will discover Chinese writing and spoken language. They will see a demonstration of Chinese brush strokes and learn how to write Chinese characters using the three major styles of calligraphy. Students will also learn to appreciate a few calligraphic works of art and trinity art. They will become familiar with Chinese numbers and basic characters, learn to speak some useful daily expressions, and listen to different Chinese dialects. Using his Chinese name as a tool, Mr. Tsang will share with students information about the importance of the family, the tonal significance of the language, and how English names are translated into Chinese.

The workshop concludes with a martial arts demonstration that explores how movements in martial arts forms reflect characters in Chinese calligraphy.  If the names of the students can be provided in advance of the workshop, the instructor will provide each student with his/her name written in Chinese.

If a class list can be provided in advance, Eddie will bring along cards for each student with their name written in Chinese calligraphy.

This workshop is usually conducted in a classroom, but if you would like more of an martial arts experience for students, it can be moved to the gym or other open space with room for all of the students to get up and move together.


PLEASE NOTE: CultureALL Ambassador Eddie Tsang still does workshops for CultureALL, but as he no longer lives in Iowa, his availability is limited.  We try to book him for enough engagements to keep him busy for a week or more, to make it worth his time to travel.

If you would be interested in engaging Eddie for a program, please let us know as far in advance as possible.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Eddie Tsang
Region/Culture Asia - China
Subject(s) Language, Physical Education
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min
Room Set-Up Can be done in a classroom or a gym
Supplies/Equipment Needed: Whiteboard; paper and black markers for students