Chinese Calligraphy

Explore the art of Chinese calligraphy as you learn about Chinese culture with CultureALL Ambassador Zhisheng (Jason) Qing.


Workshop Description

Students will receive introduction to basic tools used in Chinese calligraphy and instructions on how to perform Chinese calligraphy in various styles using Chinese ink and brush. The workshop briefly reviews history of Chinese character and calligraphy evolution and development. Chinese cultural inspirations and reflections are communicated throughout the presentation, so the audience not only experiences Chinese writing art but the culture as a whole.

The workshop is designed for 30-45 minutes of oral presentation followed by 15-30 minutes of calligraphy demonstrations and student activities. The structure and from of the seminar may be adjusted to accommodate audiences of different age groups. Questions and interactions with the presenter are greatly encouraged.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Jason Qing
Region/Culture Asia - China
Subject(s) Language, Visual Art, Social Studies
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45-60 min