The Arabic New Year

Celebrate the Arabic New Year and learn about the calendar, customs and culture of the MIddle East with CultureALL Ambassador Kristie Karima Burns.

Workshop Description

Celebrating the Chinese New Year is a popular tradition in classes around America. Students learn about the more than 100 kinds of calendars that still exist in the world today through celebrating the Arabic New Year. Kristie & Mohsina teach children about the different kinds of lunar New Years and the difference between the Western calendar and the lunar calendars by leading a celebration of the Arabic New Year in the classroom.

Students fill out their own “lunar calendar”, play a game created by Kristie that teaches them about the lunar months, learn some Arabic jokes about the sun and the moon and are given the opportunity to dress-­‐up in traditional clothing.

Workshop Details:

Ambassador Kristie Burns and Mohsina Mandil
Region/Culture Middle East-Arabic
Subject(s) Language Arts, Art, Music, Social Studies, Math, Science.
Participants 25 max
Standard Length 45 min