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Just for Teachers

Just for Teachers

More Meaningful Cultural Experiences in the Classroom

Global perspectives shall be incorporated into all levels of the educational program,” as mandated by Iowa Code 256.11. But it isn’t fair to expect teachers to know everything about every culture. Fortunately, CultureALL can help!

Professional Development Options for Teachers

Just-In-Time Training

Learn about a specific culture or global studies topic. Work side-by-side with a CultureALL Ambassador as your students experience a workshop in your own classroom.

    • Cost: Free when booking a CultureALL in the Classroom workshop
    • Benefits:
      • Learn from a primary resource
      • Become comfortable with the subject matter
      • Develop a relationship with the subject matter resource.

Curriculum Integration

Culture is an integral part of everything we do. We can help you integrate cultural experiences across the curriculum.

  • Cost: First consultation is free.
  • Benefits:
    • Learn what other schools are doing to integrate cultural experiences in the curriculum
    • Discover how easy it is to do integration
    • Recognize ways you already are integrating culture in your classroom
    • Identify resources already available to you at no cost
    • Gain collaboration from teachers in other disciplines.

Service Learning

Through service learning projects, students discover real-life applications for the subjects you teach. Apply those projects to real-life cultural issues in the community. The opportunities are endless. CultureALL staff will provide suggestions, guidance and assistance in organizing events to showcase students’ work.

  • Cost: First consultation is free.
  • Benefits:
    • Brainstorm meaningful service projects that focus on intercultural issues
    • Receive guidance on which organizations should be approached
    • Learn about the vast array of culture-related community programs and services in your area
    • Give students the opportunity to showcase their meaningful work to the general public
    • Allow students to test their job skills in a way that supports community organizations.

Knowledge Transfer

CultureALL Ambassadors are available to meet with staff to demonstrate workshops and answer all your questions so you can be more informed when teaching students. These sessions are perfect for in-service training, curriculum writing sessions and district-wide diversity training.

  • Cost: $150 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour
  • Benefits:
    • Explore a cultural topic in-depth
    • Ask sensitive questions without offending
    • Learn from a primary resource
    • Guide your own learning
    • Become comfortable with the subject matter
    • Develop a relationship with the subject matter expert.

Window Shopping For World Cultures

Just for TeachersCome get a glimpse at the workshops you can bring to your classroom, and meet the people who make them so engaging. In your own school or district, you can host a Window Shopping for World Cultures event.   We’ll arrange for a large sample of CultureALL Ambassadors from different countries to gather for an open-house meet & greet.  Ambassadors will set up exhibit tables with artifacts and display materials from their workshops. Your district’s organizers will invite teachers and counselors to visit the Ambassadors, see how they’ll meet learning goals, find out what kinds of activities students will experience, and ask questions.

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Window Shopping events can be targeted for a single school, or a whole school district.  They can be targeted by subject area curricular connections (e.g. workshops that connect with physical education or consumer science.)  They can also be targeted by grade level (e.g middle school only.)  The event can easily be combined with other in-depth training options as part of a professional development day.

  • Cost: Varies, depending on the number of participants.  Wherever possible, CultureALL will work with your school or district to help find a corporate sponsor to help underwrite the event.
  • Benefits:
    • One-to-one interaction with Ambassadors from more than one culture
    • Explore options and spark ideas for creating authentic cultural experiences for your students
    • Network with other teachers to plan collaborative programming
    • Develop a relationship with subject matter expert.

CultureALL usually offers at least one Window Shopping event each school year for Des Moines Public Schools.  If space permits, educators from other school districts and community programs are invited to attend.   If you would like to receive an e-mail notification of the next Window Shopping Event, click here to join our mailing list.

Don’t See Exactly What You’re Looking For?

If you are unable to find an option here that meets your needs, please contact us, and we will work with you to create a professional development option that works for you!

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