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CultureALL in the Classroom

CultureALL in the Classroom

Our signature program  – CultureALL in the Classroom – offers over one hundred workshop options for exploring more than fifty different cultures.  These workshops are designed to expand the depth of curriculum in a variety of academic subjects, and many connect to more than one.  Each workshop offers an activity, an artifact, a personal story, and a metaphor to provide a deeper understanding of the culture.

CultureALL in the Classroom:

  • Enhances the curriculum
  • Sparks a curiosity for learning about other countries
  • Provides culturally authentic, hands-on learning experiences
  • Helps students to develop 21st Century Skills
  • Connects to all the senses and multiple learning styles
  • Expands the classroom into the larger community
  • Allows students to meet and interact with Global Citizens in your community
  • Meets the State of Iowa Code (256.11): “Global Perspectives shall be incorporated into all levels of the educational program.”

Most workshops are adaptable for multiple grade levels and for special needs students.

Multi-Cultural Days

Sample a Variety of Cultures • Fill the School Day with Cultural Experiences

Select multiple workshops by CultureALL Ambassadors to explore a single region in depth or provide a sampling of cultures around the world.   Through these, experiences, your students can:

  • Touch, smell, taste, and hear many of the world’s cultures in a single day
  • Expand their knowledge of cultures, custom,s and geography
  • Compare differences and similarities between cultures
  • Create “Take-homes” to share with parents.

A Multi-Cultural Day might include:

  • Multiple workshops on a single subject, region, or culture, such as an India Day,  an Africa Day, etc.
  • Multiple workshops on a variety of cultures, with each class of students attending several different workshops
  • A combination program of workshops, plus an all-school assembly/performance.

CultureALL is happy to work with you to design a Multi-Cultural Day that meets the needs of your school – and your budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Schedule A Workshop?

You should start by browsing through our workshop pages to identify what workshop(s) you might like to bring to your school. Then contact us by phone at 515-273-8569 or by e-mail, and our staff will work with you to find a date and time that will work for you and your selected CultureALL Ambassador(s). From there, we will work with you to prepare your classroom and students for your scheduled workshop(s).

How Many Workshops Can I Schedule?

You may schedule a single workshop for one class, multiple presentations of a single workshop for a whole grade level, or multiple workshops.  It’s up to you.  

How Many Students Per Workshop?

CultureALL prefers to limit workshops to a single class (about 25 students, maximum.) Some CultureALL Ambassadors can also do presentations for larger groups and assemblies, but these are likely to be more performance-based, with less hands-on interaction than provided in a classroom workshop.

What If the Workshop I Want Is Not Available?

Some of our CultureALL Ambassadors have other jobs, and some live outside of Des Moines, so it may not always be possible for us to schedule a specific workshop on the day you want it.  If that happens, our staff will work with you to find an alternative date, or suggest some alternative workshops with another Ambassador who would be available.

What Is The Cost of A Workshop?

The average workshop fee is $150 for the first hour and $50 for each additional hour. For example, if you wanted one Ambassador to do a 45-minute workshop for 4 four different groups of students (100 students, 3 hours total), the cost would be $250. Some workshops have additional costs if for mileage (if the Ambassador has to travel a significant distance to you school), or for supplies (if the Ambassador is providing food or other special items.) All costs will be included in your booking contract.

Are Scholarships or Other Types of Financial Assistance Available?

There are a number of resources that can help your school offset the cost of program fees. See our Funding page for additional information.

There Are So Many Options - What If I'm Not Sure What I Want?

Contact Us – we are here to help! Tell us about your students, your learning objectives, and what culture(s) you might want to explore and we will help design an experience that suits your needs.

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