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School Programs

School Programs

CultureAll offers educational programs for students of all ages – from preschool to high school – with over 100 CultureALL Ambassadors representing more than 50 world cultures and learning experiences that connect to a variety of subject areas: social studies, language arts, geography, math, science, and more.

Our interactive workshops incorporate activities, personal stories, and artifacts – each selected to provide a deeper understanding of culture. We believe that when students are engaged in the cultural experience at an early age, it creates the foundation for academic learning. Through real-world interactions with real people from other cultures, we help them to become informed, compassionate global citizens.

Our School Programs Include:

CultureALL in the Classroom

CultureALL Ambassadors create 40-to 60-minute experiences that expand the depth of curriculum to provide what textbooks, the internet and research projects cannot: the authentic sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of culture.

Multi-Cultural Days

An expanded version of CultureALL in the Classroom brings a team of CultureALL Ambassadors to your school, giving students the opportunity to explore a variety of cultures in a single day.

Zoom In On Culture: Photo-Ethnography

Students learn about themselves, their classmates, and the world around them as they explore culture through photography and creative writing.

After-School & Summer School

CultureALL in the Classroom workshops and Multi-Cultural Day programs can be adapted to enrich your after-school or summer school programs. Browse our workshops, then contact us to help you plan your summer of culture!

Family Events

Special evening or weekend programs allow students to explore world cultures with multi-generational activities for the whole family. We can work with your staff, students, Parent-Teacher-Organization, and volunteers to plan an event that fits the needs of your school. Contact us to start planning your event. 

Special Projects

Custom-designed learning experiences help students explore other cultures in unique ways. From storytelling workshops, to culinary classes, to multi-cultural school plays or concerts – if you have an idea, let’s talk about how to make it happen! Contact us to plan your project.

Just for Teachers

Workshops, training, and special events that help educators integrate authentic cultural experiences into every day learning. Contact us for more information on our training options.

“I can’t take my students to these different places to let them be consumed by the experience but luckily, I can give them glimpses, offer experiences that at least put them in touch with different cultures in hopes that they will want to learn and experience more. That’s what education is to me….opening some doors and windows….offering as many opportunities to experience the world from different points of view. You all make that possible and for that I will always be grateful.”

-Sister Vikki Slickers, educator

Funding Resources and Scholarships

If your school has limited resources, we can point you towards some potential funding sources to help you bring CultureALL programs to your students. Contact Us for more information.

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