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Business Programs

Business Programs CultureKin Networking Event

The most creative, innovative and well-educated employees want to be engaged in a global community.  They can live and work anywhere they want in the world.

How can you attract and retain the best talent? CultureALL’s Business Programs can help!

Our Business Programs include:

Diversity Training

Move beyond the “Dos” and “Taboos” of diversity. Transform learning with real-life experiences with CultureALL Ambassadors.

  • Learn culture-specific behaviors from an authentic CultureALL Ambassador
  • Ask sensitive questions without offending
  • Explore the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of a culture
  • Hear the perspective of minorities living in Iowa
  • Discover the cultures of people working in your organization.

Lunch & Learn

Professional presentations spark a curiosity for learning about other countries and cultures.

  • Celebrate the cultures of people working in your organization
  • Generate discussion about culture among colleagues
  • Explore a culture in just 40- to 60-minutes.

Diversity Week

Supplement your company’s diversity week activities with interactive, engaging presentations.

  • Spark a curiosity for learning about other countries
  • Present professional, authentic cultural experiences
  • Compare differences and similarities between cultures
  • Celebrate the cultures of people working in your organization.

Corporate Events

Holiday parties, employee gatherings, and many other business events become distinctively unique with cultural performances and activities.

  • Introduce colleagues to the rich cultural diversity in Iowa
  • Discover the music, art, dance, food, and traditions of other cultures
  • Enjoy performances by classically trained performers and artists.

Employee Resource Groups

Help your employees become better ambassadors of their own cultures with in-house training by CultureALL.

  • Turn diverse teams into high-performing, efficient teams
  • Encourage colleagues tap into their diverse knowledge and experiences
  • Utilize your Group’s talents to design and facilitate more impactful Diversity Trainings
  • Develop your employees’ presentation skills.

Networking Events

Call attention to your company and help your employees make connections in the business community by hosting a CultureKin Networking Event for the community.

To schedule a program for your company, please fill out the form on our Contact page, or call us at 515-273-8569 ext. 1.

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