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Do you ever…

Do you influence others?  Today Sherry and I had a meeting with two amazing  workshop  facilitator during which a story was shared that made me think of our  Cultural Ambassadors.  The story was about a music teacher who shared his culture with a curious student.  The  student was surprised to hear that the teacher played few instruments and spoke a different language;  a language the student was studying in school but not showing too much  enthusiasm towards.  After  the teacher shared some detail about his culture and his interests the student  become more and more  engaged in his foreign language class; so involved and engaged that the other students  named him  after the language.  By sharing his culture and interests the teacher influenced the student and, similarly, so do our Cultural Ambassadors.

We recently had six Cultural Ambassadors visit a local high school so that the students could interview the ambassadors.  The high school was visited by members of the community who were from China, India Iraq, Liberia, Mexico and Nepal.   At first, the students did not know how to respond to this experience but after having the time to interact with the ambassadors and reflect they were moved.  Some students noticed how difficult it could be to balance two cultures, others noticed how different cultures view the word respect and many were intrigued by the passions different Cultural Ambassadors expressed.

Has anyone ever influenced you to do or think about something simply by sharing their story with you?  Has a culture ever made you think about something differently?

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