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Cultural day @ Brookview Elementary

Every Cultural Day has its own spunk, flare and feel; this one was no different.  As always, the hallways were somewhat quiet before the very first workshop.  The students would peak into the rooms and greet anyone who was not familier with great enthusiasm.  Once the workshop began they were ready; ready to take it all in.  At the end of the workshop some students did not want to leave, as they wanted to continue the activity, while others wanted to talk more with the Cultural Ambassador.

It always amazes me just how much the students learn without feeling like they are learning.  Today they covered environments role in shaping our lives, they discussed the Americas, they learned about the classical, modern and running hand Chinese styles of writing, they covered math concepts through drumming and the beauty that comes from nature through the art of Mehndi.

It was wonderful to see the passion with which the students shared their designs, stories and experiences either during or after a given workshop.  For example, during the “Colombian Mochilas” workshop the students created their very own Mochilas.  As the students were getting ready to leave, their conversations turned away from their earlier cultural experiences, and the Cultural Ambassador in the room, to who they were.  It was so cool to see the students show their classmates why they designed the Mochila the way that they did and what each of the designs represented about who they were.  The students were so proud of wearing their creations throughout the hallways.

During the “Musical Journey Through Latin America” workshop the two Cultural Ambassadors opened up with a song which was played by one Cultural Ambassador doing the first note, the second Cultural Ambassador doing the second, the first Cultural Ambasador doing the third, etc.  The synergy and the awareness between the two Cultural Ambassadors just blew me away.  It actually made me thing about the partnership that it took to make this experience happen and how symbolic this experience was of the realtionships we build to create schools, cities, etc.

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Cultural Workshops represented at this Cultural Day:

“Storytelling in Kenya” ¦ “Musical Tour of Mexico” ¦ “Chinese Children’s Games” ¦ “Colombian Mochilas” ¦ “Classical Indian Dance” ¦ “Russia’s Hidden Face” ¦ “Classical Indian Sitar” ¦ “Intro to Chinese Language” ¦ “Musical Journey Through Latin America” ¦ “Ancient Art of Mehndi” ¦ “Japanese Origami” ¦ “Math is the Beat of a Drum”

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