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Cultural Day @ Beaver Creek Elementry

There was so much for the students to experience.  All the way from the “Japanese Bon Dancing” to the Chinese martial arts.  From the “Colombian Mochila” to the “Math is the Beat of a Drum”.  The best way for me to share with you what the 450 students experienced is to share some of my favorite moments.


“Did I miss something?”  From a little 4 or 5-year-old boy who was running back from his bathroom break.

“Can I take it home?  Cool!”  From a group of students when the Cultural Ambassador gave them each a fan to use during her workshop and, yes, even take home.

“This is fun”  From the students in general.

“Wow!  That is sweet.  Thank you.”  From a 4th or 5th grader after the Cultural Ambassador showed him how to write his name in Arabic.

“Did you live in India?” From a student to the Cultural Ambassador.  After the Cultural Ambassador gave her answer and explained that she spent 15 years living in a different culture the student said, “No wonder you are so good.”

“Who here has wonderful handwriting?  Did you know that in the Arab world handwriting and calligraphy are considered very important? .  So, if we lived in the Arab world all of you who have wonderful handwriting would be famous!” Shared the Cultural Ambassador with her group of students.  You should have seen the student’s excitement.

Do you know the story behind the Lovers Festival and the Sliver River?  They are similar to our Valentines Day and the Milky Way.  But, you know what is even more cool?  The similarities were all explored in a single story during the “Chinese Folktales and Mythology” workshop.

Students’ work from the “Hindu Festival of Lights” workshop


Workshops represented:

“Russia’s Hidden Face” ¦ “Storytelling in Kenya” ¦ “Ancient Art of Mehndi” ¦ “Japanese Bon Dancing” ¦ “Korea: Land of the Morning Calm” ¦ “Life in the Philippines” ¦ “Arabic Calligraphy” ¦ “Classical Indian Sitar” ¦ “Dances of Latin America” ¦ “Hindu Festival of Lights” ¦ “Colombian Mochila” ¦ “Math is the Beat of a Drum” ¦ “Classical Indian Dance” ¦ “Chinese Folktales and Mythology” ¦ “We could all be from Bogota”

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