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Crestview Cultural Day

Today, 550 students grades K-6 interacted with 9 Cultural Ambassadors who shared their cultural stories through interactive workshops.  During one workshop the Cultural Ambassador had some clothes for the students to try.  She had clothes for the males and females.  When she asked who wanted to try on some dresses, a majority of the girls raised their hands…so did a few boys.  That posed an interesting thought process for me.  I thought, would the Cultural Ambassador feel uncomfortable letting a boy wear girls’ clothing?  Is it respectful to the garment?  Naturally, I could not get these questions out of my mind, so during lunch I asked the Cultural Ambassadors their opinions.  Unanimously, they said that it would not offend them.  I felt better and also shared the news with some teachers who were concerned that the students might have offended someone.

As we were all finishing up our lunch, I asked for any interesting moments from the morning workshops.  One Cultural Ambassador said that she was pleasantly surprised by the amount of students who could relate to the parts of her workshop.  She said that this was probably one of the few occasions some of the students were able to talk about their own cultures in the classroom.  That was kind of cool.

Because this was our last Cultural Day of the 2010-2011 school year, I wanted to leave this with you.  I find the video very interesting and thought-provoking – just like the cultural workshops!  Enjoy!

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