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“Can we…”

It was a quick and inspirational morning!

The 2011 PhotoVoice Exhibit brought together students, community and teachers.  We had ABC 5 there, Bankers Trust, teachers, community members and over 60 students.  What the students had to share and show was both humorous at times and thought-provoking.  During the short picture slide presentation and the student speeches a few audience members had tears in their eyes.  One of the coolest moments took place when Diane Cutler, the project facilitator, asked the students from the different schools to stand up one group at a time, and introduce themselves to the other school’s students.  This was the first time they had seen one another.

After the students gave their speeches they were asked to be the first ones to go out and see the exhibit.   When they came out to the exhibit area they walked right up to the pictures and started to point, laugh, read, etc.  The recently acquainted students were acting as if they were from the same school, even the same classroom. After having some food a few students approached Diane and said, “Can we take pictures with them?” They were asking to take pictures with the students from the other school.  Diane said sure and off they went.  Not long after that a few other students asked and we had ourselves a group photo session!

As the students were getting ready to leave a teacher walked up to me and said how thankful she was for this experience.  She said that the students are survivors and that sometimes we forget that because we, at times, only focus on the test scores.

We will have pictures from the even available soon!

The 2011 PhotoVoice Exhibit is now being shown at the Iowa Hall of Pride until around June 23rd.  Click here to get directions to the Iowa Hall of Pride. 

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